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4G GPS Vehicle and Personal Tracking,  Communications and Fixed Line Solutions 

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 functions in the market for free.

Our GPS Tracking Supports all Australian mobile networks both 3G and 4G along with our free additional services.
Unlimited tracking, Geo-fences, and free email, SMS alerts.





Emergency Lift  Phone?
Are you ready!

Don’t let your staff or tenents be caught in the dark and stuck with no mobile signal in a faulty lift.

Talk to Sitecomm about your options for migrating your lift emergency phone to the 3G/4G network, prior to the NBN disconnection of the current service.

Remote site office solutions

Need a remote office solution?  We can help!
Be it a construction site or just on the road our SC-4GWLPG could be the answer featuring 3G/4G Wifi Router, LAN, PSTN and GPS its the perfect solution for a site office.

Communications solutions

If you need a 2-Way radio solution have a chat with us we can supply some major brands in 2-Way communication equipment and parts be it for a fleet of vehicles or your 4WD, Boat we can help!

About us

Australian Based

We are proud to be an Australian company and pride ourselves delivering great products and great customer service all at a low price with no extra fees.
Our servers are owned and operated by us.

What We do

We offer a monthly fixed price GPS tracking service which includes unlimited tracking of your device 24/7.

Geo-fences, Email, and SMS alerts are all included free.

Tech News

Telstra announced on the 9th October 2019 that 3G services will close in 2024, this means all 3G devices will no longer work.
Sitecomm has Identified this and only supply 4G devices.

4G Personal and Lone Worker Tracking.

We are proud to offer the new 4G personal tracker, keep a eye on friends and family no matter where they are. With special features like man down and SOS calling to a designated number.

Copper Phone Lines Going!

With the rollout of the NBN copper phone lines are the thing of the past, you don’t need to pay for a NBN connection when all you need is a fixed PSTN line for a Special purpose.

Online Store

Products can be purchased via our online store and payed via our secure stripe gateway.


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